Hungarian Blast Machine: AMD-65 at the Range

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Today I took my AMD-65 out to the range. I’ve shot regular AKMs with AMD muzzle brakes, but never had the chance to try the AMD-65 in its original proper configuration. And you know what? It’s actually not bad, at least in short helpings. The brake is really concussive for people around the gun, but it’s not bad at all for the shooter. The grip would get tiring after a while, but for just a bit of shooting it’s not bad at all.

Thanks to Brandon Herrera / The AK Guy Inc for building this rifle for me!


    • I doubt it. Still will have the flash from unburned propellant. Maybe the noise will be a bit less as the excess gas is not funneled through the openings in the muzzle brake. The Hungarian Army had no choice but to use standard ammo. But anyone with one of these now might experiment with different propellant loads to see if the creature comforts of shooting are better.

  1. From the looks of things, there were no such things as Health and Safety people inside the Warsaw Pact…

    I thought the AK74 was insufferable, but this looks as if it is either really close or even worse.

    Friend of mine that did training for the Afghan National Police commented that the majority of his hearing damage came from dealing with these rifles. His other take was that they really didn’t need to issue flash-bang grenades to the Afghans, so long as they had these…

    • Kirk:

      There had to be a reason that 100,000 of these things were picked up for cheap. No-one else wanted them. They are ridiculous. The Hungies took 4 inches off the barrel, then added a 3 inch muzzle brake which turns the gun into a fireball. The Hungies are interesting people, but sometimes their penchant for taking the piss just goes too far. The AK platform was not broke, they did not need to “fix” it.

      • Do you personally know any “Hungies”? How interesting is your familiarity with their 2,000 year history? Is this a reasonable way to refer to a culture? Has your national identity extend beyond 200 years? Perhaps your ethno-national association be referred to as Dickheads.

        • Craig:

          Of course I know several Hungies, and have been to the country several times. A very nice place, but they dropped the ball with this one. I will call them Magyars if you prefer.

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