How to Swap FAMAS Ejection Left to Right

One of the very nice features of the FAMAS is that it can be swapped between left-hand and right-hand ejection in just a few moments without needing any tools or spare parts. I had this FAMAS out at the range in left-handed configuration and the owner asked me to return it as a right-handed gun, so I figured it would be a fine opportunity to demonstrate the process…


  1. When I first disassembled it, with the help of Laserman, I was immediately confused by the question, “how can I clean it after each shooting, but not lose these fleas? ..”
    They don’t undress him at all in the field?

    Any idea where the extractor was borrowed from?
    Does it look like an AK, only?..

  2. The perception of a need for side of empty shell eject selection has its own history. At the AUG you had to change the Bolt. In case of this weird rifle you have to get dirty – oh well. But it can be, with some effort, done. Credit ought to be given to the designer of it. But, since the purpose of it is now to change the ejection sides as per cover you take, this does not pass. The choice is supposed to be done instantaneously, without disassembly.

    Now, WHY would anyone bother with ejection side choice on conventional layout rifle? This was declared bullpup’s shortcoming only, right? No it isn’t and yes it had been solved rather elegantly. Ridiculously easy actually – with tip of the bullet.

    Someone may be unhappy for NOT getting dirty. You cannot satisfy everyone πŸ™‚

    • “…it had been solved rather elegantly…”(C)

      No solution to a nonexistent problem (even the most ingenious, even all-in-one) does not compensate for the whole bunch of gross errors in ergonomics and user logistics.

      Beretta, in this project, suffered a fiasco due to her own self-confidence and shortsightedness.
      You can make the soldier use all these freaks like FAMAS or ARX.
      But you can’t get people to buy this suitcase of problems with their own money.
      We must pay tribute to the French, who were smart enough not to go into the market with their stump, but to confine themselves to guaranteed government orders.

      • Uhm actually St. etienne did go out and tried to sell the gun, but it had some serious competition from much cheaper rifles. all of them doing basically the same: shooting 556 reliably. The FAMAS was really expensive adn the AUG was cheap, reliable and Steyr was willing to accomodate special customer wishes. Hence the AUG having been exported a lot, whereas the FAMAS only was given away as french aid to friends and bought in small numbers by former colonies. And well why the SA80 never got much export success needs no explaining I guess. πŸ˜‰ IIRC a few ended up in Jamaica as military aid.

    • Feeling your vibe ….. cleaning after shooting was beyond religious in my world

  3. Great, now I can switch sides on mine..

    You know, if I was one of the 4 people in the us with a FEMAS

    Hell, if I did get lucky and find one, it would inevitably be one of the .222 ones

  4. 1) French troops must have dreaded weapons inspections

    2) The guy you borrowed it from made a misteak in not telling you he wanted it back “clean and set up for right handed firing”

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