Holloway HAC-7L: A Specifically Left-Handed Battle Rifle

Bob Holloway designed the HAC-7 rifle to be the ultimate combat infantry rifle in 1984, drawing on his experiences in Vietnam and Rhodesia. It is a very interesting hybrid of AK, FAL, and other design elements, but it was not commercially successful. Only about 280 were made before the Holloway Arms Company dissolved in 1985. In that brief production, however, was one interesting variation – a batch of completely mirror-imaged left hand rifles and carbines. About 30 carbines and 20 rifles were made with lefty features – ejection port, charging handle, stock hinge, and bolt release all switched over (the magazine release and safety were ambidextrous on all rifles).

I made a video several years ago about the HAC-7 in general, and I recommend it for learning about the mechanical workings of the rifle. But this was the first time I’d seen a lefty model, and also the first time I’d seen an optic mounted on one (all the HAC-7s were drilled and tapped for scope rails). So, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to show it to you!


  1. Another well-done video on an obscure rifle.
    How about a few videos on rifle grenades?
    What are typical ranges for rifle grenades?
    How does their blast radius compare with hand grenades?
    Is there any civilian collector market for de-activated (dud) rifle grenades?

  2. Random thoughts

    1) Interesting that it is chambered for 308 Winchester and not 7.62mm NATO – they are NOT the sane round with different labels – especially in a weapon aimed for the military market


    2) “What’s the matter, Top?”

    “Our latest replacement is another left hander, skipper, and the armorer says we don’t have any left handed rifles left, they’re all issued out. I just got off the horn with Battalion, and Sergeant Major says he can’t help us, all the other companies are in the same boat. So a transfer within the battalion is out. Looks like the southpaws suddenly all got patriotic at the same time”

    “Oh man, Top, do you know the paperwork we’ll have to file to get more left handed rifles above our authorization?”

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