Got Too Much Spare Cash?

Well, here are a couple things we’ve noticed that you could use to alleviate that problem.

  • Boris Karpa (who did a great job translating Dror testing reports for us a little while back) is running a Kickstarter to translate “The Soldier and Squad in Night Combat”, a WWII Soviet manual on night fighting without modern night-vision gear. It’s a neat subject, and we’d like to see a copy ourselves, so we chipped in a few bucks. A $10 contribution will get you an early copy of the finished product.
  • A guy on The AK Forum (we don’t know him or have any ties to the sale, so caveat emptor) is selling a Chinese ZB-26 kit that has been converted to 7.62x39mm. It’s pretty beat up, and apparently missing some small parts, but the receiver looks like a pretty decent candidate for a reweld, the barrel is intact, and he’s only asking $500 for the kit.
  • Another fellow, who has sent us a bunch of photos, has decided to sell his G41(M) and G41(W) rifles over at GunBoards. They’re not cheap, at $10k and $6k respectively, but they do look to be in pretty nice shape.


  1. I am contacting the poster and will see if he will ship it to Arizona. It is a rare version that is discussed in the book, “The Bren Gun Saga” pages 320-327

    If I get it it will be restored as a semi-automatic version.

  2. Sent and done — it’s definitely worth supporting Boris Karpa’s efforts. Thanks once again, Ian!

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