French FR-F1 Sniper Rifle at the Range

The FR-F1 was adopted in 1967 as the French Army’s marksman or sniper’s rifle. It was based roughly on the MAS-36 bolt action system, but with a heavier receiver and 10-round detachable box magazine. It used the same scope as he MAS 49-56; the APX L806, a 3.85x optic largely modeled after the German ZF-4. I’m doing some shooting today with PPU 7.5mm ammunition, which is not particularly good – and the results show that. So, I after filming this video I shipped the rifle to my friends at 9 Hole Reviews for a proper test. Check out their video:



  1. Did Ian have the same ejection defect?
    Also, rather surprising/sad that the gendarme/snipers didn’t stay at their position to provide suppressive fire. I’d think they’d have a good chance of keeping any miscreants from getting to the bus.

  2. Ian, you don’t give yourself enough credit. That seemed to me to be pretty good shooting (FR-F1); especially with factory loads and a hot barrel. I am a fan of the M-95/31 in 8x56R. I’d like to see you do a video on disassembly of that rifle; especially the bolt.

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