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How could a gun nerd like me possibly resist a chance to dig through a warehouse full of surplus? When Jeff at Apex Gun Parts offered us the chance to come visit his operation, we jumped at the chance (duh!). Jeff is a sponsor of the site here because we’ve been buying cool things from him for years, and had uniformly excellent service – and because he’s a genuinely nice guy with an impressive knowledge of military arms and equipment. All of us here at Forgotten Weapons continue to patronize Apex (in fact, the DT kit in the video came home with me for a fair price) and we are happy to recommend them to you as well.

Jeff’s inventory at Apex changes regularly, so you should keep an eye on his site to see new items as they’re added. For now, here are some of the items we mentioned:

SG43 parts kit with carriage mount (these are a fantastic deal, by the way)

SG43 Night Vision sets

Yugoslav/Balkan battlefield AK furniture

If there’s something you are looks for and don’t see it on the web site, give them a call – they might well have a few in the warehouse!



  1. Have always had great transactions with Apex. The video tour was excellent! Now you need to head to NJ and do Sarco! lol

  2. Great customer service, hard to beat prices anywhere, ( Just good people to deal with )
    Hope see you guys again at Knob Creek this coming year!!! I wish I lived closer to you guys, I’d
    love to see the warehouse.

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