Experiment: Live Stream Q&A: Cocktails, Carry Guns, and More!

This month, I decided to experiment with doing a live streamed Q&A session. This was recorded yesterday and open to Patreon supporters at $2 and up (the same people who are able to submit Q&A questions). Let me know what you think of the format!


    • I agree, audio was not to your usual quality. Also, I found your constant turning to read the screen and not looking at the camera distracting. Great experiment; keep the old way.

  1. Me at 53:10 fireplace guy!
    Ian at 53:20 um so, fireplace guy was like that.

    Also I got your book in the mail and had a quick peek looks amazing, but now I want a Gras flare launcher conversion, damn you Ian.

    • Ask X-Products for a can laucher on a Gras? 😉

      IIRC there were also bomb throwers made with Gras actions in WW1.

  2. In advocacy of the Lee-Enfield: I am currently re-reading “The Guns of August” and also relying on my memory of excerpts from “Old Soldiers Never Die,” by Frank Richards, the first published memoir by a WWI enlisted man. Those initial ten shots, fired first, and in defense, by trained marksmen in ten or twelve seconds, on relatively new and unworn (or well-maintained by armourers) SMLEs, would count for a lot. The Germans at Mons, without light machine guns to reply, thought they were under heavy machine gun fire. A company of about 200 BEF soldiers spit out 2000 bullets (aimed!) in, say 15 seconds of initial loading. It was then and there that the Lee-Enfield’s speed counted.

    Where Mr. M. is more correct about the lack of difference between Mauser and Enfield is in individual fire — Richards in his memoir says that by the time of initial digging-in both sides had perfected their snap shooting (as opposed to volume fire) so well that even before the time of the machine gun and the specialized sniper, picking your head up was suicidal.

    If livestream makes your Patreons happier I am fine with it, though I prefer it when there’s advance time to review the questions, bring out some individual demonstration firearms, and edit illustrative pictures, quotes, or corrections into the video. Thank you as always for all I learn here.

    • I agree with LDC. A “conventional” Q&A has objective, tangible advantages like advance preparation and hands-on demonstration, as well as the ability to select – from among the thousands of questions you must receive – the best combination of what the broader audience will find interesting, with what you can best research and deliver useful answers. The livestream seems like a gimmick with no real advantages to offset the lack of all the above.

  3. I just read a review of a book you might be interested in: Drinking French by David Lebovitz (Ten Speed Press). The review was in the Wall Street Journal, March 21-22, page D6.

  4. Patreon says I kick in a couple of bucks every month and have for a while, but I can’t seem to take part in events and questions. How can I determine that I am really and truly apart of the team?

  5. I had no audio issues on my tablet and I have hearing loss. Interaction with patreon is vital but should not completely replace standard q and a. Enjoyable as always.

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