Disassembly Photos: Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model Carbine

This is a second pattern Bendix-Hyde carbine, made for the M1 Carbine trials. The first Bendix-Hyde had a number of features that Ordnance requested be changed (including a pistol grip), and this was the modified version submitted for the second round of tests. It lost out to the Winchester design, of course, which became the M1 Carbine.

Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model disassembled
Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model disassembled

I had a chance to take one apart at RIA, so I made sure to get a photo or two (click to enlarge):


  1. Even without deeper study, this looks to me like something from break of 19 and 20th centuries. But, it would be better to see it in real or in video to be able to tell.

      • Thanks for reminder, I looked at video.

        Well, I stick with my initial assessment – action of this kind really does not fit into 1940s. But Mr.Hyde certainly put up decent effort which has to be respected.

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