1. Outstanding photographs, thanks very much for sharing them! A download link leading to a compressed archive of all the photos would be immensely helpful, as well.

  2. Well the problem with this system is the annular piston set up. The rifle may be operated through a ported barrel but the gas ports lead into a detachable section that includes the front iron sight, generally not a good idea for a weapon that’s likely required to hit a roughly two meter tall human shaped target two hundred meters downrange. The piston being directly around the barrel also means any residue and corrosive fumes from propellant gasses will definitely make things really bad in the field. And because the bayonet lug is also on the muzzle shroud, any attempt to jab a would-be victim will more than likely break the rifle and render it useless.

    Possible improvements:

    1. Replace the annular gas piston around the barrel with a conventional piston, operating rod, and gas tube either above or beneath the barrel (or off to the side if you prefer).
    2. If you must require the gas port to be in a detachable muzzle piece, keep the iron sights and bayonet lug on the barrel itself and put the muzzle cap and ported area ahead of the front sight.
    3. Use stampings only for parts not expected to undergo lots of stress during firing or manhandling (charging handle, sight hood, receiver tube shell…).
    4. Use detachable magazines if you can afford to do so.

    Did I mess up?

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