In the development program that would ultimately yield the StG44, the two initial designs were produced by Haenel – the MKb42(H) and Walther – the MKb42(W). The Haenel weapon was preferred, and production of the MKb42(W) ended by early 1943, with only 200 units made.


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    • Most assuredly the MP44 was not an updated version of the Walther. It was a completely different design based on the Mkb42H, the H being for CG Haenel. The MP44 used a tilting bolt, not a rotating bolt and the receiver was completely different. The gas piston was far simpler and overall the firearm was too. There was a reason the Walther design was not chosen and it was a very good decision.


  1. It should be noted that I’ve seen those exact wood grips on various VIS 35 Polish pistols… only difference being the VIS grips have two screws at the top and bottom where this one has a single unit.

    Maybe Mauser bought the grips from Radom?
    Or maybe Radom used surplus grips from the MKB 42(W)?

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