Desert Brutality 2021 Day 2: Catastrophe and Redemption

When we left off yesterday, I had a perfect streak going with my FR-F2, but the choice of a .357 revolver for a Brutality match was looking pretty questionable. Well, we’ve got our more stages today to round out the match. I’ll be shooting out to 550 yards, shooting weak-handed, charging up hills, and more. How will it work out? Let’s find out…


  1. Good Morning Ian,a French question if I may, is there any confusion in French about the word for ammo storage in the hand grip of a semi auto pistol and the periodicals? The magazine/ magazine thing.

    • Gun : chargeur (ie: chargeur amovible, magasin (ie: magasin fixe)
      Magazine : magazine

      Now, the confusion can be done between the meanings of magasin (shop or gun magazine).

  2. Hi ! Run out of forgotten hardware or what ? In how many countries we can do something of all these shows ?If something is not possible, you don’t bother. It’s simply out of question…Same for the once upon the time excavations in battlefields.

  3. Enjoyed the video. I have a Rem. model 14r in .30 rem. Would you be interested in doing a video on that model ? If so contact me .

  4. Did that first spinner in the last stage shown flip over after two shots or did it only move 180° and then swing back? Or did the range officer make a misjudgement? Nonetheless the FR-F2 showed itself strong in this match.

  5. With your permission.
    The question is not for me, but I will answer.
    We go here to meet and study the Forgotten Weapon.
    And to watch as someone puffing and sweating as if from a hangover throws a weight…
    With all due respect to Ian, it would be much more interesting, even just to listen to tales and legends, but about the Forgotten Weapon.
    Sorry for the sharpness.

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