Desert Brutality 2021 Day 1: Glory and Heartbreak

It’s time for Desert Brutality 2021! This match is a bit different from previous Brutality matches; it required three guns: pistol, rifle, and precision rifle. I chose to enter the Cold War division (all guns dating form 1946-1991) using a couple of French classics: my FAMAS and new FR-F2. For a handgun, I considered a MAB P15, but decided instead to take a risk and use a Manurhin MR73 .357 Magnum revolver. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Well, let’s see if that was a wise choice…


  1. “Ce n’était pas une bonne chose.”

    Well, with more revolver practice and thus more hits and less reloads, it would have been better I guess. The FAMAS and the FR-F2 on the other hand were very good choices for the match. The FR-F2 especially cleared its stages and probably doubled the prices for these surplus rifles.

  2. I made a similar choice a few years ago on a steel match, bringing a compact 9mm Smith w 8 rd capacity. Most of the stages were at least that long. I had to reload quite a bit, and in fact, squadmates reloaded mags for me on the clock. Not my finest hour.

    • As long as everybody had fun it is all good. 🙂

      An 8-round revovler puts one not as much of a disadvantage as a six-shooter, but still only about half, what common pistols today have per magazine and their much faster reload with filled magazines of course. Though depending on stage design eight hits may be all you need.

  3. Too bad that you were using American ammunition in a Euro revolver. Since Europe isn’t full of antique revolvers, their revolver loads are much hotter than SAAMI.
    The aforementioned problem caused your revolver to shoot high.

    • Good point. Most of the ammo sold in the USA seems to err on the safer lower pressure side. I guess because of safety concerns and being sued if a gun explodes from too hot a load. Whereas the MR-73 was designed to shoot boxes after boxes of full power .357 Magnum.

  4. So, it was not a good idea…however, it would have been interesting for the Partisan role, as partisans use what they can find, eh?
    I never see the ads for this event – where is it and is it open, or invitation only?

    • It is run by Karl/InRangeTV, and essentially only open to people on his Patreon (at least, it tends to sell out in the early access to Patrons). It’s previously been in January, but moved to November this year – and it has not been held yet at the same site twice.

  5. Dragging the weighted sled, throwing the “bell”. Are your sure this isn’t training for the foreign legion?

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