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Is the Bren gun a forgotten weapon? Well, maybe not. But it is an important piece of firearms development history, and probably an under-appreciated weapon. It is also important to be familiar with the Bren in order to understand the other guns of the era, as well as the interesting variants of the Bren.

So, we took one out to the range to take a look at how it works, how to take it apart, and to see how it shoots!



  1. thank you! great tutorial, great sound, great grouping. i finally understand what the different “thingies” on the bren are for. does it group about this good from the bipod? is the whole receiver one big machined piece?

  2. Excellent video! The only thing I would have liked to see is a bit more info about the cartridge used (.303 ?) and history of the weapon. I love your site, keep up the good work!

  3. I’ve been told that the Bren is capable of 1″ groups at 100 yds on single shot – is it a mith or fact? Quote from a friendly source – Thats why it was the best MG of WW 11

    • Necro post but I watched the siege of Jadotville and there was a scene where the company sniper puts down his scoped Enfield and switches to a Bren in single shot to make a long distance kill. I ended up looking this up and it really happened that way so I guess these guns were damned accurate

  4. Great video!!! Thanks!!
    I guess FN FAL has similar headspace fitting.
    Those offset sights also make shooter’s profile lower ! By the way, have the sights windage adjustment?
    They’d better to make a belt feeding adapter especially for tripod shooting (like RP46 for DP machine guns) .
    You made quite a tight group for a WW2 era MG!

    P.S. Waiting for the Lewis MG video 🙂

  5. Josh Nathan
    That’s the .303 British cartridge (rimmed ,bottleneck, .311 bullet diameter, 2.22″ case length). It’s not something special…it’s the common British military service cartridge from 1889 until it was replaced by 7.62x51NATO.

  6. A good video! I first fired the Bren in 1962 as a school cadet and have been in love with them ever since, currently owning seven variations. They are accurate in the semi-auto mode but require a firm hold to prevent gun movement when the open bolt trundles forward. I have made consistent hits on a 12″ steel plate at 300 yards when I did my part, and have also done the same with my ZB26 which proves the inherent accuracy of the basic design. The Bren is an amazingly reliable gun and the only thing that really causes stoppages is crap ammo. They are indeed the best LMG in the World, reliable, portable and robust.

    I will try and do a short video on the rare lensatic sight that was issued for the Mk I Brens in the late 1930’s, and obsolete by WW2.

  7. Can admin shows video on Fg42 rifle,MG34 and MG42 machine guns two of my favorite weapons…
    You was showed us chinese type 64 smg can you also make video for it,I know how gun function and what mechanisms it got but see performance of this smg is very interesting..

    • We will be doing videos on the 34 and 42, though I don’t know exactly when. I would love to do one on the FG-42, but it will be a bit trickier to locate a live one to use. If you know anyone with one in the US, feel free to put us in contact with them… 🙂

  8. Just like you said,
    It wont be possible to locate someone with FG42 in USA…
    If I would have enough machinery and materials I would machine FG42 myself,but without machinery and materials this obligation seems virtualy impossible…

    To see a video of Chinese type 64 smg in action would be nice,its interesting how this gun fires,Iam sore it can use standart 7,62x25mm TT rounds….

    Another interesting and seems totally forgottened model of weapon would be Franchi LF57 smg and Ruger MP9 smg,I tried to find as much information on them as possible but no results,an instruction manuals would be great..

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