Bren 807: An Economy Model Hybrid of the 805 and Bren 2

The Bren 807 is an interesting hybrid of the Bren 805 and Bren 2. It was introduced by CZ in 2016 as a lower-priced model than the Bren 2. It was offered in both 5.56mm and 7.62x39mm, although it was not intended to be user-changeable between calibers. Its introduction was done in part with hopes of a large contract form a country like India or Pakistan as a replacement for AK pattern rifles, although that did not come to pass. To that end, it was only offered with a 16″ barrel in 7.62mm; the same as the basic AKM. The pattern was dropped from the CZ catalog in 2021, and is no longer in production – and was never offered in a civilian semiauto configuration.

Thanks to CZ in Uhersky Brod for inviting me to take a look at these and other firearms in their reference library! Make sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram!


  1. I like it, they should have made a semi-auto version. I think a less expensive CZ rifle would have sold well, and it already had the 16″ barrel.

  2. As always, thank you for this insightful review! Interesting variation.

    What do you think about investing in a small portable lighting system to enhance the visibility of some of your location shoots? The rifle is a bit dark and hard to see in the shots where you are seated behind the rifle.

    All the best,


  3. As Ian indicated, this model was specifically developed for India and/or Pakistan. In either case the intent did not materialized. One strange error, if it can be called that, it inability to use AK magazines. My guess is that there was not enough space left to locate magazine AK type latch.

    • I see this question a lot. Why would they use a standard ak mag when nothing the Czechs use used a standard ak MAG i.e. vz58? So this isn’t an error by anyone

      • It was not designed for the Czech army, but specifically for export cutomers. Of which most possible buyers like India or Pakistan (or pretty much any other developing country) already have lots of Kalashnikov pattern magazines in their inventories. So being able to use this type of magazine would have been a desireable feature.

      • Vz.58 and AK47 magazines are not the same; AK does not have holding open device. Neither has this rifle, so AK interchangeable magazine should be feasible.

        Side mag release is in fact an oddity which was copied out of MP43/Stg44. It is more complex without providing any additional utility.

        • The magazine well and holding mechanism are pretty obviously derived from the AR-15/M16 pattern. Same goes for the magazine mouth and upper portion that goes into the rifle. Looks very much like an M16 magazine in shape and the cutout for the magazine holder. Though I do not know if it deviates in any dimension from the M16.

          With the button release on the Stg44 I think you are on the wrong track.

  4. I appreciate the access CZ gave him, but is it really necessary to pronounce the name of the city in each video? Maybe a favor after access was granted?

    • It is part of factory name: CESKA ZBROJOVKA UHERSKY BROD or CZUB in short. It should not be offensive to anyone. Jut get used to it – Czechia has its own language with names of places as do other countries in middle of Europe.

    • Is it really necessary to introduce himself as Ian McCollum
      every time? Is it really necessary to speak clearly without bullshit every time he educates you? Is it really necessary to acknowledge that languages other than English exist?

      • This plus not every watcher of Ian’s videos watches each and every video. Maybe some random watcher watches just this one video? So introducing himself and his channel and website and where in which museum or collection in which citiy he is in makes perfect sense. It is also just common courtesy imho.

    • “(…)is it really necessary to pronounce the name of the city in each video(…)”
      For you information in 20th century there were 2 different entities similarly named related to fire-arms production inside Czechoslovakia:
      Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod known as ČZUB
      Česká zbrojovka Strakonice known as ČZ
      therefore using 3/5 of name to denote 1st might be misleading for someone who did not aced fire-arms manufacturers/20th Century/Czechoslovakia.

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