MDRX Micron: A Truly Tiny SBR Bullpup

The MDR has been out in the market for six years now, and DesertTech has been making some improvements. The current production model I called the MDRX, to denote several incremental improvements that have been made to the system. The gas block now has drainage holes, the polymer blend has been strengthened, and the trigger geometry improved, among other things. In addition, they now have the Micron configuration available. This is an SBR pattern in 5.56mm, which shares the same receiver and lower as the standard MDRX – it’s just a barrel and handguard swap.

The Micron has an 11.5″ barrel, which is basically as short as can be fitted tot he standard MDRX receiver. The whole rifle is just 23.5″ overall, although it still weighs about 7lb 5oz – it’s a dense little thing. It is only available in 5.56mm, and only (for now) in the side-eject configuration.

I found it to be a very comfortable carbine to use, and surprisingly accurate for its size.


  1. Very cool! I’m (legally) building something similar, except mine will be just over 17″ long.

    On the MDRX, it doesn’t look like that gas-block rail is essential for function. Couldn’t they just use a more conventional block under the handguard for the BLK?

  2. I have paperwork running on an IWI Micro Tavor. 22.75″ with a 13″ barrel. I’ll let you shoot it when it comes in to compare.

  3. think the aug was offered with some real short commando barrel. wouldn’t trust that package too far. even less power somewhat has to be a limit in range earlier… unless very small spaces… uhem no thanx.

    • It’s all relative. All else being equal, the AUG will have a longer barrel than any conventional-layout rifle. It would be issued to the type of soldier who would otherwise receive a 9mm pistol or (at best) SMG, which would have a much shorter range.

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