Book Review: Special Service Lee-Enfields

To go along with the week’s focus on self-loading Enfield conversions, we have a copy of Ian Skennerton’s Small Arms Identification volume #13, Special Service Lee-Enfields: Commando and Auto Models. It’s only about 47 pages long and predominantly on the silenced de Lisle carbine, but also includes information and some photos on all the different Lee Enfield semiauto and full auto conversions – the New Zealand Charlton, the Australian Electrolux Charlton, the South African Reider, the British Howell, and the Howard Francis blowback carbine.It’s not a whole lot of info, but more than you’ll find on these guns in any other print reference. And hey, the information on the de Lisle is very cool too.

You can purchase this volume (and all of Ian Skennerton’s other works) from the author’s web site, at for $10 plus postage. However, there are a couple copies on Amazon for half that, so the first few folks interested can get a great deal:

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  1. Hi Ian

    My name is Andrew and I live in New Zealand. Occasionally I will trawl through Carvell’s firearms auctions ( for interesting things (mainly SMLE stuff) but today I came across a De Lisle Carbine (item#319). I am not sure if it is the real deal as the details in the PDF are promising.

    copy paste from the pdf is below:
    Replica of the WWII silenced bolt action carbine built on a
    No3 action. 15”.45acp cal Barrel with over barrel silencer
    with crinkle finish and adjustable sights finish. Metalwork
    with most overall finish. Action fitted with correct detach-
    able Colt 1911 magazine. VGC woodwork complete with
    sling. VGWO&C ALR

    bad news: the PDF is for the previous auction that took place last November 2016 but there is another auction that is coming up later this year (April/May). I am sorry if I got your hopes up but I will be checking this site for the next auction.

    I have to say that I am a fan of your channel and always look forward to a new video. I saw the video about the five excellent channels and I am loving the C&Rsenal channel



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