Book Review: Japanese Submachine Guns by William Easterly

Today we’re taking a look at William Easterly’s booklet “A Comprehensive Study [of] Japanese Submachine Guns: 1920 – 1945”. Talk about a subject with very little written coverage – Easterly has photos, data, and descriptions of at least a half dozen really unusual experimental Japanese SMGs from the 1920s and 1930s, as well as both models of the Type 100 that was finally adopted officially. It’s expensive for the size and production quality, but I don’t know of a better source of info on these guns.

The booklet is 65 pages plus an appendix of original documents in Japanese, and can be purchased directly from the author. To get yourself copy (dated, serial numbered, and autographed by the author), send $36 (check MO, or PayPal) to:

william m.p. EASTERLY
P.O. Box 2814
San Juan Tx 78589-2814

Tell him you heard about it here at Forgotten Weapons, so I can get home to send me a review copy of the final book when it’s published! 🙂

You can find Mr. Easterly’s website at – he has a bunch of neat information there pertaining to unusual Japanese weapons.

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