Book Review: Italy’s Battle Rifle

We just got in a copy of Russ Arendell and Steve Woodrum’s new book on the Carcano, Italy’s Battle Rifle: Story of the Mannlicher-Carcano Series of Rifles. It’s the most useful reference book on the Carcano series that we know of, although it does have some shortcomings:

If you’d like to pick up your copy before they’ve stopped printing them, you’ll need to contact Action Printing (ask for Stephanie) at either 806-745-5500 or (toll free) 800-226-5533. Price at this time (September 6) is $69 plus $15 shipping.


  1. Thanks for the review Ian. Sounds like an interesting book. For the sake of completeness, I should also add the book 1891 il fucile degli italiani – Produzione, varianti, accessori, munizioni by Bruno Di Giorgio and Ruggero Filippo Pettinelli (Edisport, 2007). It is a large, very well produced hardback title, with 250 pages and some 565 colour photos of rifles, bayonets, ammo and accessories. At 95 Euro, it isn’t cheap either but I think it is the best reference on the Carcano rifles currently available in Italian.

  2. What a pleasant surprise! It was nice to see mine and Steve’s book in a video review. I do want to emphasize this book was a true community effort and my(our) day job being other than book making certainly shows through as you indicate. I really struggled with turning many of the color pages into black and white for others to be able to afford the book. The editions in full color are stunning in my opinion, but inordinately expensive for low production runs. To talk further, we do have uniforms and gear from WWI and WWII within the book as well. A very nice section called “Before the Carcano..The Vetterli rifles” written by John Sheehan as well. In addition, the full history of the development of the Mannlicher-Carcano system of rifles is covered in the English language by Gunnar Abramson as well. There is also a nice coverage of Carcano accoutremonts that is not covered anywhere else in the English language to date. Overall, a fair review I believe. Thanks for your review Dear Sir!
    Best Regards, Russ Arendell

  3. I paid for a copy of Italys Battle rifle in December this year , to date i have no feed back on where my book is,
    Are you all dead over there !!!!!!

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