Arcflash Labs’ EMG-01B Handheld Gauss Pistol

The EMG-01B is a small portable rail gun made by Arcflash Labs. Introduced in 2017, it can throw magnetic dowel pins approximately 1/4″ x 3/4″ (6mm x 19mm) at about 150 fps (45m/s). It does this with a series of 8 capacitors and electromagnetic coils, and holds 18 projectiles in its magazines. Generating just under 5J of energy per shot, the EMG-01 is similar to a BB gun, and it was this lack of power that led to development of the GR-1 Anvil.


  1. “Kid, you’ll shoot your eye out!”

    Jokes aside, just what was this gun supposed to do? Shoot bullseyes at a target competition?

    • I am under the impression that it was probably more as a proof-of-concept project than anything practical.

    • One of the designers, in the previous video for Arcflash, said that projectile speed relates to the capacity of the capacitors, and capacitor capacity is steadily increasing over time.

      So you make this weapon now, and it’s 45m/second, and then you wait one year and use the capacitors which have then become available, and it’s then firing say 10% faster, and so on.

      I have no idea what the rate of improvement is, or the rate of significant breakthroughs.

    • “(…)what was this gun supposed to do?(…)”
      To be curiosity I suppose.

      “(…)target competition?”
      Now I am wondering about muzzle velocity consistency. It muzzle velocity spread lesser or greater than in comparable fire-arms?

      • He just said, “People’s Democratic Republic of New Jersey.” It’s an insult aimed at New Jersey’s gun laws, which are so strict that school children could be incarcerated WITHOUT TRIAL as terrorists for mere possession of a lone gun barrel (without receiver or stock attached). I could be wrong, of course.

        • Well I know that slingshots are banned in that state. What if the child got caught with a wrist rocket. Wonder what the charges would be?

          • “Conspiracy to commit acts of terror” or “attempted assassination” are the things I imagine in the papers.

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