1. Where can I find one of those blam blam ping shirts? I cant believe that I’ve shot an M1 all these years with out it!

  2. It doesn’t get a lot more tactical than that! I especially liked the serious analysis at the end…

  3. Yes, Ian really strikes me as the kind of guy that has practically no knowledge of NFA laws (sarcasm). Love the website, keep up the good work.

  4. You do realize you have one of the ultra rare prototypes? After extensive field trials the M92 section was retaped directly under the M44 in a manner reminiscent of the US M203 grenade launcher but with the tape running under the folding bayonet. This allowed the Ist Sierra Madrean Guards Assault Battalion (Provisional) whose famous Motto translates as, “Sights? We don’t need no stinking sights!” to deploy that razor sharp cold steel and fight, as they put it, “Like real men, Dammit!” But due to that unfortunate fire in the Commissariat of Logistics (Which some six year olds believe was accidental) we don’t know just how many of these awesome small arms were issued before that even more unfortunate mutiny. That’s a piece of History there boys! (Posted three minutes under the wire.)

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