Wilkinson Arms “Linda”

The Linda is a semiauto 9mm pistol that just exudes 1980s aesthetics. It was made along with a carbine version called the Terry, by Wilkinson Arms of California (later Idaho). Both were named after daughters of the company founder, Ray Wilkinson. He would also later produce a Sherry pistol named after a third daughter and a Diane pistol, named after his second wife. The Linda uses a telescoping bolt similar in concept to the Uzi or its Czech predecessors, and it a surprisingly accurate gun, thanks to its fixed barrel and sights.


  1. Man, oh man. That is a handful of 1980’s awesomeness. I confess that I immediately went to GunBroker and priced one out. A bit rich for my blood, but I’ve been known to buy dumber things than this.

  2. A friend who unfortunately has passed away from Cancer was a big fan of them when they were first released. I felt that they were a little large and heavy for a 9mm but he never had any issues with reliability. I say this but I am a fan of the Uzi which is probably heavier and larger. Oh well.

  3. I think the Goncz pistols/carbines were contemporaries that took unmodified Beretta 92 magazines, which turned out to be a good plan heading into the 1st AWB.

    • I was going to wonder where those were. Been a fan since they were in Punisher War Zone back in the 90s. Think they were in the original Total Recall, too.

  4. Unscrewing charging handle is goofy and finicky, but that recoil spring around bolt is fairly clever.

    I wonder if these aluminum threads on trunnion and receiver wear out faster, thus maybe its not the best idea to strip it often.
    Wood on handguard gives me 60-70s looks more than the 80s, they should have went with some plastic, but not cheap looking. If gun is used as pistol, probably its not needed at all

      • I’m not getting that vibe,
        though ZK clearly influenced the UZI – a truly obscure and forgotten ancestor weapon. But thats a story for another time, hope Ian will cover it one day…

    • Extractor in place.

      The durability of the thread in aluminum is not a problem.
      Thermal expansion could be a problem, but since the correct thread direction has been selected, everything is fine.

  5. Terry carbine was primary on board long gun in short lived 1974 TV series “Chopper One”. Forgotten TV Show. With Dirk Benedict of “A-Team”

  6. Less expensive alternative is Mech-Tech replacement pistol barrels. $500(?) and you get a 12(?) inch barrel for your 1911 or Glock. Fixed barrel, your red dot or sights, heavy but that’s what two hands are for.

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