Webley training manual

Have you watched Zulu one too many times, and decided to quit your day job and join Her Majesty’s colonial army? Perhaps the recent wedding has brought out the Anglophile in you, and you just can’t resist? I’m sure you know how to properly starch a uniform tunic, but just in case to natives break through your perimeter, we offer you this Royal training manual on proper use of the .455-caliber Webley revolver:

(1937) Webley revolver training manual (English)

You will have to look up one of the other pamphlets in the series for regulation on proper mutton chop trimming and mustache cultivation, but this should give you a good start.

Webley training manual

Okay, I know that manual isn’t quite from the Colonial era, but play along, would ya?


  1. Being that one of my sub-collections is Webleys,,, Thanks. That is a manual I didn’t have! Love the site. Keep up the good work.

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