Webley Model 1911 Stocked .22 Single-Shot Target Pistol

The Webley Model 1911 is a single-shot, self-ejecting target pistol made only for a few years. It was fitted with a long barrel to increase sight radius and also a detachable shoulder stock for those who wanted a bit more stability when shooting. Mechanically, the piece must be loaded manually, and it will then open the slide and eject the empty case automatically when fired, leaving the slide open for the shooter to load the next round. These were manufactured until 1914, with the final batch of pistols sold in 1919 from remaining parts stocks.

I am at the range with this example on Malta, thanks to the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors and Shooters. I thought it would be interesting to compare shooting with and without the stock, although my biggest takeaway was that I need more practice time on the range!



  1. I first saw this concept (.22 single-shot self-ejecting pistol) as the S-M Sporter pistol [https://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?12914-SM-Sporter-pistol]. I hope, someday Ian will review one.

  2. Why preferred “Manual extraction”… By cause of risk of extractor hit and get a dicharge possibility…

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