1. I doubt that he’s Canadian…he’s got an American M1 rifle, American clothing, and his chevrons are US Army…If he is a Canadian then he’s part of the 1st Special Service Force. On 15 August 1943, 1st SSF was part of the invasion force of the island of Kiska, but after discovering the island was recently evacuated by Japanese forces.

    • Probably fortunate for all concerned that no magazine was available to this yokel as holding either a type 96, type 99 or for God’s sake, even a Bren would generate a pretty darn quick case of toasted fingers.
      I actually doubt this is Alaska as I actually checked with not one, but two experienced veterans of that campaign and neither one recalled seeing or interacting with Canadians. I’m too lazy and it’s too late to look it up but when both Mom and Dad agree (no negative reflection on either Canada or Canadians intended) one must take them seriously.
      [ Dad—Combat Infantry Veteran—Aleutian Campaign—with very much more to come]
      [ Mom—Combat Nurse Veteran—Aleutian Campaign—with very much more to come]

  2. The picture could be any one of our allies sitting on a hill top somewhere in Korea (1950-53) inspecting one of the weapons used by the Red Chinese or the Red Koreans. What say you all?
    See you all in the SAR’s building in a week or less.

  3. Korea would be my bet as well. Terrain-wise it sure looks like Korea, especially the Camp Casey area and farther north.

  4. yes a Canadian corporal on the Aleutians may well have been issued a Garand, but he most certainly would not be wearing upside-down chevrons on his sleeve like that…

  5. Definitely. Canadian troops at Kiska were issued US weapons, helmets and webbing, but still wore Canadian uniforms and definitely would have been wearing rank chevrons point down in the Commonwealth manner.

  6. This Picture is printed in the 1993 publication of “THE FORGOTTEN WAR”, A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II IN ALASKA AND NORTHWESTERN CANADA”, volume four. The caption is, A GI is aiming a Japanese T 96 Nambu, with no magazine. Picture credit is NA. Way after the fact, but thought I would share any way.

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