1. The bipod on that early Madsen looks flimsy! And look at the determined gaze by the guy holding the Mauser. Seems ready to engage the enemy, whomever that might be.

    • The Madsen bipod is a solid steel rod with a spike on the bottom that gets a good purchase on earth. These two hombres malos are on concrete, probably posing in a garrison somewhere!

      At this moment, the Mexican army was still a professional organization as this trained gunner and a/gunner with three mags (at least) display. It would get pretty run down over the next few years as it fragmented into separate formations in a messy, multilateral civil war.

      The US Army did not have an LMG as good as that Madsen at the time. The most influential MG inventors were Americans, but they went to Europe to sell their wares (and some of them put down roots there, notably Maxim and Hotchkiss). The Madsen was always an underrated weapon, perhaps because it’s so ugly. The later, belt-fed ones are particularly good. There was once a brief block on it in SF weapons school, and we actually found some in caches in Afghanistan in 2002. (Along with ZBs andDPs and a lot of other obsolete stuff).

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