Video Book Review: Mexican Military Arms, by James Hughes

James Hughes’ Mexican Military Arms is a pretty good book on a subject not often written about. It covers all the rifles used by the Mexican Army (both locally designed and purchased elsewhere) from the Spencer repeater up to the adoption of the M1 Garand. It is a bit limited in coverage, though, with a single page for most of the guns it includes. The photos also range from good to almost unusable. Overall, it’s definitely worth having as long as you have an interest in this particular topic. You can find it for sale in the link below, though the prices being asked on eBay and Amazon are pretty outrageous. I would be pretty hesitant to pay more than $20 for it unless I was really dedicated to the subject.

Mexican Military Arms: The Cartridge Period 1866-1967.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Is there any way to find Mexican Mendosa submachine gun manual??
    I always wondered how they operating and dismounts..

  2. Out of curiosity is it possible to give a list of which firearms are featured in the book mexican military arms by James Hughes me an a few of my old collage buddies were working on a zombie videogame based in mexico an were going to try an features as many authentic mexican firearms from the old west to modern times as possible an most of the team seems a little hesitant to use $75 just for a book if you can’t its understandable either way i am still going to stay a fan of your youtube channel

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