Fusil Mexico

This rare example of a Fusil Mexico surfaced at a gun show earlier this year, and we are fortunate enough to have acquired a number of photos of it (if the new owner reads this, we would love to have some more detailed shots of the mechanism and the gun disassembled!).

Fusil Mexico closed

It is a fairly unique design, in which the action is cycled by twisting the rear half of the gun counterclockwise to unlock it and pushing the barrel assembly forward and then back to eject the empty casing and load a fresh cartridge. Kind of like a pump action, but not quite.

Fusil Mexico open

The rifle was chambered for 7mm Mauser, and intended for the Mexican military – though it was not adopted. For more info on its history, as well as all our photos and a copy of the patent on the design, check out the Fusil Mexico page in the Vault.

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