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Sorry guys – I don’t have a book review for you today – I’ve spent most of the last week hanging out with Oleg Volk working on a cool video project. However, I would point out (if you haven’t found it already) that we do have a page over on the left side of the site entitled “Forgotten Weapons Library” with an organized list of all the books we’ve take a look at to date. Check it out – you may find something interesting in there you hadn’t seen before.

What Oleg and I have been doing is photography and video for a film on the Gerät 06 and Gerät 06H, two experimental German late-war rifles that would eventually evolve into the HK G3 design (and for the record, I think the prototypes are better overall designs than the more modern HK). I’m really excited about how it turned out, and once I have it edited together into a finished product it should be pretty much the only video footage anywhere of these two guns together. What is particularly impressive about them is that they were both technologically innovative (the genesis of roller-delayed blowback) and also very practical and effective rifles to shoot – normally prototypes leave a lot to be desired on the range.

Shooting a Gerät 06H rifle
Shooting a Gerät 06H rifle (photo by Oleg Volk)


  1. Beautiful photo. Love seeing what talented, dedicated people can make with their hands. Like so many of my interests, I’ve resigned myself to making my own in order to have a hope of owning one.

  2. I have often felt, personally, that the StG-44 design had a lot of ignored potential in it’s design, these prototypes have had a far greater impact on later designs. I’ll be looking forward to later postings on them.

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