1. Tobbacco being lethal, fills the FW ticket fully, but I’m personally not that much interested, regretfully

  2. I truly believe that there is a branch of Japanese military equipment that warrants its own voluminous book, replete with full-color pictures and careful documentation of different models and types: Military condoms.
    Who could fail to be fascinated with the products of the Okamoto Rubber Manufacturing Company, for example, makers of the famed ‘Rubber Man’ and ‘Attack Champion’ (Totsugeki Ichiban) lines. Okamoto Manufacturing, just as did many Japanese war-materials companies such as Fuji, Toyoda, and Kawasaki, survives today as the Kokusai Rubber Company. Although they still make condoms, the name ‘Attack Champion’ has, alas, been discontinued.
    Surely such a volume would be just as intriguing as one about tobacco. . .

  3. The TOBACCO MONOPOLY was a Japanese gov’t agency that battled black-marketing in tobacco products when I was in Okinawa, 1978-1980.

  4. “That evening, when we had dug in and were sitting round the fire eating our Maconochie’s,* Hutton, who had been talking apart with the Duke, called me over. He was jotting in his notebook.

    “Three boonkers, reet?” he said. “What was in the two ye looked in?”

    “Nothing, sarn’t. Well, there was a punji in one, and a couple of Jap mess tins. Nothing at all in t’other.”

    “Nowt at a’?”

    “No…well, nothing but a Kooa packet over in a corner. Empty.”

    G. M. Fraser, Quartered Safe Out Here. The only reference I know to Japanese cigarettes.

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