Bonus Material: Flux Raider at Desert Brutality 2022

I ran Desert Brutality 2022 this year with a B&T USW-320; a modern stocked pistol chassis for the SIG 320 pistol. One similar product on the market right now is the Flux Defense Raider, and at the match I discovered that Eric was using one of those as a PCC, just like I was doing with my USW. He was kind enough to let me film a couple of his stages (naturally, the two stages least conducive to using a stocked pistol…) and I got some of his thoughts on the platform.

I would like to tinker with one of the Flux Defense setups myself at some point, but until then perhaps you will enjoy seeing Eric using one here.


  1. I have a USW set up for a Glock (I installed a G34). Unlike the chassis for the Sig, the Glock compatible chassis creates a 3 sided box that fully encloses the back of the slide. Upon firing, the slide recoils inside this box. It is necessary to replace the end plate on the Glock slide to install a little folding charging handle. An optic can mount on top of the chassis; the optic (when used with Glock USW chassis) does not reciprocate.

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