Throwback Thursday: 70 Years’ Perspective on Gun Collecting (Dolf Goldsmith)

Today I am reposting an interview I filmed with Dolf Goldsmith back in December 2011. We talk about the state of gun collecting at that time, and how things have changed since Dolf first took up the hobby in the 1950s. In particular, he has some fun anecdotes about US Army testing with the PKM, and the heavy machine gun his aunt was sent by the US Government for her Red Cross service.

Sadly, the Robert Segel whom Dolf mentions as a book collaborator passed away this past year, and their book on the lesser-known machine guns has not come to fruition. Dolf remains a vibrant member of the community still today at age 93, though!


  1. This is genuinely joyous.

    When I first discovered Forgotten Weapons I tried watching everything on the channel from the first (it’ll take longer now than it did then), but I have no memory of this gem.

    The train whistle somehow makes it a genius video art piece. It’s weirdly like Pet Sounds. The fact it was a f’ing annoying discovery for you when you edited it, but that you subtitled it (by typing out what Dolf said?) is a historic indicator as to why your channel is so successful now.

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