The Vickers Heavy Machine Gun: Queen of the Battlefield

For the record, I never have any financial interest in any of the guns that I film at auction houses – with the exception of this one. This is actually my Vickers HMG, being sold at the James D Julia auction house at the end of this month. It is a magnificent gun, but it is time for me to find it a new home so I can pursue some other projects instead. I hope you will indulge me for a moment today while I point out just how awesome it is!


  1. The fact that it belongs to Ian should make it just that much more desirable….unfortunately my budget is, at best .22 caliber and I don’t have any friends with money to inspire to want it. Good luck on the sale.

  2. I wonder why so many idiots are terrified of vintage automatic weapons getting auctioned like paintings when lots more people are killed by cars and kitchen utilities per year than by century old machine guns… please tell us if the auction gets you some good cash. We’ll miss the Vickers!

    • because vintage guns are like art, limited quantity and that number is steadily decreasing as time goes on. Most things bought for a private collection are gone from the public eye forever.

      Can’t even argue about it being a good thing from a preservation standpoint, many private collectors just want to own it and don’t care what happens to it after that (fortunately most care a lot)

      That final scene in raiders of the lost ark comes to mind as a reference as to why people get annoyed when stuff is auctioned off to private collections. big room full of cool historically important stuff locked up and forgotten

  3. Oh man that has got to sting having to let go of that beauty. I really hope the buyer is a Forgotten Weapons fan who will appreciate the old girl and keep her firing.

  4. Best of lucks with the auction.
    Must hurt saying goodbye.

    Sadly, I can’t afford it, and it’s not even legal in Spain.

  5. Best peace on the chess board, I bought a lottery ticket if it wins I’ll buy it and give it you back.

    Disclaimer: Odds are against, but they are better than before as I bought a ticket. “Must remember that, when I consider previous failures of this plan”

    • Shit out of luck. Plan B… Dolphins could be human, if they had opposable digits.

      Just need a lightning storm, the Royal Society said I was mad!

  6. I can’t évent hindou of having onze – verboten un Canada eh ! (Only thé oldtimers who had one got thé grandfathered 12(2) statues.

    And you, blessée site having it are parting site it !

    Green with envy

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