The Erma EMP at the Range

Having taken a close look at this original Erma EMP submachine gun yesterday, we are out at the range with it today. Like several of the interwar SMGs, the Erma was designed with a magazine well long enough to accommodate 9mm Steyr (9x23mm) ammunition, and it was offered in several different calibers. The 9mm Parabellum magazines have a spacer at the rear to hold the rounds forward for proper feeding.

In addition to Erma production, the EMP was copied by the Spanish La Coruña arsenal in the 1940s. Spanish magazines are readily available, and I am curious to see if they will work in a German EMP…


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      • I noticed a detail, I’m puzzled why there is a cutout on wood stocks left side, when there is no function for it, like bolt handle that is on the right.

          • More like a disassembly assistant – you twist the receiver/barrel counterclockwise (top to the left) to disassemble, and the cutout leaves room for the rear sight. See yesterday’s video. Incidentally the cutout is just long enough to for the receiver assembly to move forward and off. Why is it a cutout and not a step all the way forward? Probably added support to the barrel and saved a little milling time in the woodshop.

  1. It’s a little funny that the Spaniards, while copying the device, copied this groove as well.
    Despite the fact that the block of the sight is of a different shape and there is no need for this groove.

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