1. “Stop it, STOP!!! You’ve already put 20 rounds into him and he’s definitely dead!!!!”

    Double-tap to the max?

  2. Text on this firearm says: “Sunngard Pat. 1909” which I understand as Sunngard Patent 1909, can anybody of you find this pistol.

  3. Weapon of choice scenario:

    Doors, doors, everywhere, nor any escape from the horde of Imperial Storm Troopers! Get a gun out of the broom closet and do something! Run! Hide! Kill if you have to shoot!

    1. Sunngard
    2. M712 Schnellfeuer with a “trench carbine” 40 round magazine
    3. Fedorov rifle
    4. Thompson M1921 with 50-round drum and bayonet
    5. Pancor Jackhammer
    6. LAD belt-fed submachine gun (no dual-wielding, by the way)
    7. Colt-Browning M1895
    8. MG-42
    9. MG-15 with water jacket
    10. Rikhter R-23
    11. Flakpanzer IV Ostwind
    12. Or, per the usual, screw the budget and add your favorite toys to this list

    This activity is totally voluntary. You aren’t required to participate! Please keep any and all criticism of this post humane and free of foul language.

    Thank you,


    • Imperial Storm Troopers?

      12. Stand where you are. Don’t move. They will all, eventually, shoot each other with their random blaster fire. ^__^

    • An FPz4 Ostwind? Against the zombie horde, I’d rather drop from 37mm to quad 20mm guns and go with the Wirblewind variant instead.

        • You probably think of TNSh 20mm tank auto-cannon. It is tank version of famous ShVAK aircraft auto-cannon. With 750 rounds you should not run out of ammo. However other variants existed:
          – with DShK big-bore machine gun (early production)
          – with 37mm gun ZiS-19 (ballistic-wise equal to 37mm AA gun 61-K) prototype
          – with 45mm gun ZiS-19BM, works abandoned after introduction of T-70 (prototype)
          – with double DShK machine gun for AA defense (prototype)
          Also if you consider that it is too light armament you can always get BM-8-24

    • MG-42 with helper, spare barrels, and lots of belted ammo.

      Make sure the rounds are AP. They are wearing armor, you know.



  4. Pdb, if you’re here, I know I should have offered the controls to the trapdoors of doom in the activity posted above…

    • The grip angle (or rather, total lack of an “angle”) helps make this one look like something from three decades earlier.

      It wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of “The Wild, Wild West”, as somebody’s prototype automatic pistol, probably in the hands of a nefarious Ruritanian intelligence officer, probably a colonel or above.

      It’s not quite bizarrely ornate enough for Dr. Loveless, though. Thank Ghu for small favors.



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