Sunday Miscellanea

A couple things that came in through the week…

First up, Mark Serbu (owner of Serbu Firearms) has a neat video comparing the ATI .22 cal StG44 copy to an original StG44:

Also, Leszek pointed out a neat piece up for sale on eBay – a Japanese¬†Type 89 Rokuoh-Sha 35mm (Lewis Gun) camera. If you were interested in the Hythe Gun Camera we posted recently, this might be just the thing for you…


Japanese Type 89 gun camera
Japanese Type 89 gun camera


  1., a militaria dealer that specializes in one-off and high-end stuff (like Goering’s uniforms and Speer’s corkscrew), has a US gun camera for sale. It resembles a .30 Browning.

  2. Sad that in Australia it’s classed as a prohibited weapon and I’d need to register it like one of my fully functioning bolt-action rifles. Which means it’d have to be squirreled away in a safe. What a shame.

  3. I wish someone in the US would make an STG 44 copy or if we could get the German repro imported for less than $5000. 8mm Kurz is actually pretty easy to find, just need the gun that shoots it!

    • GSG offers the Stg44 in .22lr and is currently available. They also make an MP40.
      Be sure to pick up the magazine pouch with 6 extra mags, the sling, the paratrooper bag, the wooden crate and anything else offered for it.
      In for a dime in for a dollar.

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