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I need to raise a bit of cash for some expenses, and so I’m putting a couple rifles and parts kits up for sale. Looking to add a rifle or a parts kit build project to your collection? Expand the post and check out what’s up for sale! (Updated with a couple package deal offers)

See something you can’t live without? Email me at!

Parts Kits


All have been sold – thanks!

All prices include shipping in the continental US (your FFL must be willing to receive a rifle from a non-licensee) – no international sales. Click on any photo to see it much larger.


    • Yep, the other city, AND it was the PPS 42 (different stock and receiver monolythic with barrel shroud compared to the mass produced 43 rendition). The other important point is, that PPS 43 was NOT a PPSh replacement, but a parallel specialist weapon, for recon, commo personnel and other non frontline-infantry types. BTW, it was discontunued EARLIER than the PPSh and only manufactured in ComBloc countries after the war, unlike the ‘papasha’. AND it was not cheaper than PPSh, just lighter and less of an ammo guzzler, with ROF reduced by almost half, to 600 rpm.

  1. ARGH!!!

    I was tempted to respond earlier on the K88, but had to talk myself into it…

    …I waited too long…… 🙁

  2. Not sure you underpriced or overpriced, I was looking at gun broker and found pieces from $89 to $950. I just always wanted one, and figured I trust your judgement on what it’s worth.

  3. Ian, have you considered a donation button at the top of the page?

    Would gladly sling you a couple of dollars if it made this site easier for you.

    • I appreciate the offer, Marlon. Actually, I’m just about to take the plunge and make the site my full-time occupation, and one of the things I have in mind is a membership program for folks who are interested. No details yet, but the idea would be to offer a set of vendor discounts and bonus goodies in exchange for monthly or yearly membership dues. Value for value, rather than charity.

      • Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be willing to pay for charity. This is pretty much my favorite website.

      • Count me in, that’s for sure. I can understand that you simply wish to do things the proper and ethical way, but I also think most of us would find no problems with supporting your endeavours and this web site should it become necessary. Consider it a matter of contributions to an invaluable resource with few, if any, equals anywhere.

        Please keep us all posted.

      • I can appreciate where you’re coming from – not wanting to ask for ‘charity’ money. However I’ve learnt more from your material (especially your videos) than I have from many books on similar subjects over the years – especially about the machining/manufacturing side of firearms.

        The vendor idea is great – but it’d be redundant for an Australian like me anyway.

        Anyway, shut up and take my money!

        • Although I should add that if a subscription model is what works out best, I’d gladly be a part of that. Reread my message and I sounded like a dick.

  4. Value on the Kar 88 was right on, IMO. If one was available locally at that price, I would buy it. Too many sellers on GB seem to want to send it to an FFL (perhaps erring on the side of caution) which (plus exorbitant shipping) adds to the price. 🙁

  5. You could make an argument that the 88s that were adapted to the S cartridge no longer fall under the antique rule as they have been converted after 1898 to a readily available modern cartridge. I have never seen a BAFTE opinion on that. The original weapon for the obsolete M88 cartridge is clearly an antique.

  6. On the Finn M/Ns look at the date stamped on the UNDERSIDE of the tang…THAT date determines the Antique status.

  7. Just got in the kp44 kit and i have to say its amazing thank you sir cant wait to build it

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