Star Pistol-Carbines: Model MMS and Model MB

Star produced 1911-style pistols in a wide variety of calibers and configurations for more than 50 years, including several models with shoulder stocks. Two of the later such models were the MMS and MB. These were standard 5 inch barreled pistols shipped with wooden combination holster stocks and three magazines – one 8-round, one 16-round, and one quite long 32-round. The MMS was chambered for .30 Mauser (7.63x25mm), and 1,174 of them were made between 1971 and 1985. The MB was in 9mm Parabellum, and 1,757 were made in two runs, 1956-1960 and 1972-1975. Both patterns have been added to the list of stocked pistols exempt from NFA requirements, happily.

For more information on these and all other Star handguns, I recommend Leonard Antaris’ book, Star Firearms:


  1. I was looking at the MMS a few years back and the guy selling it on GunBroker was saying it was NFA because the C&R master list only states “Star Model A” but I hope he was wrong.

    Also, funnily enough, the ATF’s C&R list lists a .45 ACP Star Model A with slot for a shoulder stock as being NFA-exempt, but I have never heard of anyone owning such a beast and I didn’t see anything about it on – A mistake, perhaps?

    I really want to buy that book from Leonardo M. Antaris, but at $250 I think I’ll pass!

    • I don’t know, but perhaps the ATF took a look at this and determined by means of common sense that no sane person was going to use a Colt 1911 style pistol as a rifle anyway! That stock holster is probably a bit too conspicuous and bulky for “criminal usage.” A pistol, even with a stock, MUST BE TREATED AS A PISTOL! End of technical argument.

  2. There is a long (and not yet over) history of trying to extract the maximum from what is basically a short range, inaccurate,last ditch self protection weapon (and pretend that it a pseudo rifle).The attached butt stock etc. successfully ‘modestly’ improving the pistol’s performance. But now generally no longer ‘fashionable’ or thought worth it. Interesting though.

  3. I have a shoulder stock for my 1911, but have to put the 16″ barrel on it before putting the shoulder stock on it. It isn’t a “hollow-body” stock, so cannot function as a “holster.” I’d say that it might work well for a mounted soldier, but I’d NEVER carry one on my hip or shoulder! It is more of a novelty than anything else. I take exception to the thought that a 1911 is a “last ditch weapon,” though. I can hit out to 50 meters without much difficulty with a two handed grip. With the 16″ barrel, I can hit well out to 100 meters and greater. I’ve been shooting the “Colt .45 ACP Model 1911” since my year in Vietnam in 1969-70 and still shoot them.

  4. Forgot to ask…where can I purchase this hollow stock? I’ve seen them for the “Broom handle Mauser”, ranging from $56.00 and on up, but never seen one commercially for a 1911.

  5. So where can this list be found? “Both patterns have been added to the list of stocked pistols exempt from NFA requirements, happily.”

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