Springfield Hellion at the Range: The Most Modern Bullpup

My previous experience shooting a VHS-2 was limited to a small indoor range, so I’ve been really looking forward to getting this Springfield Hellion out to a proper range. First up, we have a 2-Gun match with it – one with stages specifically written to fit bullpups. So we have lots of maneuvering around tight and confined spaces. After that, we’ll take it out for a bit more follow-up shooting…


  1. Nice gun. Quite like bullpups personally; albeit not the L85. But like long barrel, short gun… No? No U.S coverts, he he.

    • Em2; significantly longer barrel, much shorter than say a SLR by 6″ always thought that was quite impressive… We could discount shit bullpups like the L85, I meam the Em2 bolt closes on insertion of a full mag, once your sweaty, blooded carcass finds the mag well… U.s skeptics… Not keen? He he.

      • Actually, bullpups are not going to win any U.S Converts… Now how about this! A rifle “yes” that has a longer barrel, yet shorter O.A.L than usual… Yes a mystery gun! See you like that. Get this you insert the mags from the side! Over the pistol grip!! I know, great isn’t it!!!

        Thats how I see U.S discussions about bullpups going; thus, why don’t we just bin the idea and move to the fg42 layout!

        Progress, he he.

  2. Seems like bullpups are more pertinent for confined space urban style fighting rather than open country fighting. This is fine if they are not forced onto soldiers as a one-size-fits-all-circumstances. But I don’t know of any army that would spend the money for to rifles per trooper.

    As for me, my arms are way too long for a bullpup. Though this one does seem to be a good design of that style. The trigger does need work though.

    • Fair point, U.S folk even in the early 80’s I think were taller than Europeans… At the time. Now we have caught up a bit seemingly, Tall… Yes… and FAT be better ditching AFV’s for 4wd electric mobility scooters these days.

      • There are some good design features in the rifle. I wonder what it would take to move these to a traditional form combat rifle.

      • Thats why I think ppsh’s are the way forward can’t miss these big modern targets; 30 or so 7.62x25mm at 1200rpm in the balls. Never mind armour/armour piercing; waste of effort, in research.

        • Finally someone else who sees the value of the 7.62×25 cartridge. The cartridge does not get the respect it deserves. It is so much better for a SMG than 9 mm or .45 ACP. The PPSHs were a good emergency manufacture expediency. But I worry about their long term ruggedness. Check out this video by Ian. https://www.forgottenweapons.com/czech-sa-vz-26-smg-video/ There were four versions of the gun. 9 mm vs. 7.62x 25 and folding stock vs. fixed stock. Versions were made in the four possible combos. The folding stock versions had awful ergonomics. But I think the fixed stock would have much better handling. The sights are awful, but I think there would be a way to mount a red dot on it, using the protrusion that holds the rear sight. Upgrade the ammunition to give it a bit more body armor penetration and you have something that I would stake my life on in close quarters combat

    • And also, in a close-and-personal combat situation, a good red dot would be better than a scope. I don’t understand why a scope would be appropriate for a rifle with such a short barrel and over all form factor meant for close in shooting.

      • You can get these flip up magnifiers, for red dots these days, close up red dot, then further away; think our esteemed and illustrious author said it came with said scope “a nightforce” for some reason, I think in another thread.

  3. Istra vermouth(rosso variety) – always, Prvomajska ALG-200B even better(especially when intoxicated with previous).
    Their firearms – will pass, too much ,,plastic fantastic”.

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