Slow Motion: M134 Minigun (Video)

Following up to yesterday’s look at the history and (partial) disassembly of a GE M134 Minigun, today we will check it out in slow motion. I filmed these high-speed shots, but there was so much detail in them to discuss that I decided to make them into a second separate video rather than cram everything into just one.

So, here let’s have a look at the underside of the gun at 2500 fps and then the muzzle end at 5000 fps – the Minigun like you have never seen it before!

Thanks to Modern Arms of Tempe, AZ for providing the Minigun for this video! They offer the gun for rental, if you are interested in trying it out yourself.


  1. And thus, the victim must be buried in a soup can. If any idiot tried to take on a helicopter gunship with anything less powerful than a shoulder-fired AA missile or a heavy machine gun, he’d be reduced to hamburger in two seconds flat… or am I wrong?

    • It depends. If you are behind cover, and so only reachable by a hit on an area say 16″ in diameter and you 400 yards away, different story. Hitting a 16″ circle at 400 yards from a moving aircraft with one of those, before running out of ammunition looks pretty damn difficult.

    • “.50 BMG multi-barrel mini-gun. Midi-gun? Maxi-gun?”
      20mm has no size indicator (M61 Vulcan)
      7.62mm is mini.
      So maybe 12.7mm should be deci?

  2. One of the best things about these videos is the look of glee on Ian’s face when he’s just finished shooting a hundred rounds or so…

  3. Camera question: You previously found the video getting dark at frame rates above 2,500-3,000 frames/sec are you using reflectors or extra lights in this video? or have you found another cool trick to help with lighting? Good to see high speed stuff again.

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