1. One of the finest and most reliable combat rifles ever placed into service, bar none! Second is the M-14, that is a “little broter plus a selector” to the M-1.

    • About 15 to 20 degrees of arc, IIRC. The actual distance of rotation is just enough to unlock and clear the recesses, which is about half an inch.



    • eon’s recollection is very close.

      The length across the receiver for the locking lugs is 1.24″. The locking lugs themselves are .28″ tall. .28″ / (1.24″ X pi) X 360 = 25 degrees. Those dimensions were taken without dismantling everything so they are approximate.

      Holding a machinist’s protractor up to one and eyeballing it, it looks like when it is in battery the bolt is 15 degrees down from the horizontal, and when it is retracted it is 15 degrees up. So that would put it at 30 degrees. At least it would be good enough to sanity check the above back of the envelope calculation.

      Kuhnhausen’s shop manual does not appear to list the official rotation, but maybe it is buried in there somewhere.

  2. For anyone in the US, the CMP still has some but they are getting low (there have been rumors they were getting low for years but they really are, by all indications). The requirements are a bit easier than they used to be, namely one can belong to an approved organization and provide evidence of range time instead of the old requirements where one had to shoot in actual DCM matches. Some of the approved organizations are collector associations that anyone can join from anywhere. Range time can be proven with a CCW license or a hunter safety card (or by some other means). (Of course, they run an NICS background check.) Active / retired military has the organization / range time waived.

    Huge advantage to a CMP rifle over something from the local gun monger is that a CMP rifle will have original parts (with the possible exceptions of stocks or barrels, but that is laid out up front) and parts are gauged for condition. Something on the rack at the local gun store might look good, but have investment cast mystery parts, a worn out gas piston, an oversized gas cylinder, etc., and cost more.

    If you’re in the US and you want one that would be a good way to go about it while it lasts.

  3. What is this weapons ? A bad american version of the great mas 49-56 i think 😉
    Nice video again Ian thanks you for this slow motion

  4. For Antoine R.

    NO, the Mas 49-56 i is a bad French version of the M1 Garand!! The Garand was produced some 10+ years BEFORE the Mas 49-56 i!!!!

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