Slovenian Modularity: Perun X16 “PDW” in .300 Blackout

I was first introduced to the Tinck Arms Perun X16 at Lynx Brutality 2022 in Slovenia, and it is an interesting system emphasizing modularity and simple disassembly. I opted to use one (a 5.56mm carbine) at Lynx Brutality 2023 this year, and it ran perfectly for me. So I figured we should take a look at the version that is available in the US.

The US distributor is AEA Arms. and they offer both complete guns and also upper assemblies. For the complete guns, they adapt Kaiser USA polymer lowers (which is pretty easy). What I have today to look at is a “PDW” variant – a 7.5″ barrel in .300 Blackout, with a Riflespeed adjustable gas block. Predictably, it also ran without any problems…


  1. I love this gas action. Also because I thought of something similar (long stroke gas piston with a very short piston and a long “direct inpingment” gas tube, but coupled with a Scotti bolt, not an AR one), without knowing someone already did it.

  2. Nice name.

    Perun. Piorun. Pierun. Perkūnas. Parón.

    God of Thunders (to the east of the river Laba).

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