How’s It Made: A Giant Machine That Make MG Links

When I got a tour of Arex Defense in Slovenia, one of the really neat things I saw (which I had not seen elsewhere before) was a machine for making MG links. It’s a single really long piece of hardware where a spool of sheet steel goes in one end and hardened links plop out the other end, with just tempering and surface treating still needed. I thought it would be a cool subject for a short video, walking you through the process from one end to the other…enjoy!


  1. I really like how it’s made videos especially related to the firearms industry. Also I found it interesting to see no PPE worn by anybody there.

    • You should see safety standards in Pakistani heavy metalworking shops – sandals and tunics. This is in midst of molten metal and heavy suspended objects.

      Actually, wearing hearing protection has one disadvantage – you cannot hear well your voice which make one feel isolated from reality, thus less safe. Workplace communication is a priority. Main thing is they all wear factory tops 🙂

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