Shooting an Original Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon

Several years ago, my friend Joe Lozen had an opportunity to fire an original Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon. He kindly sent me this clip – it is the only footage of one of these actually firing live ammunition (note the recoil) that I am aware of. Thanks, Joe!

You can also see some video of US military drill and blank firing from the Fields of Thunder Museum here:

These cannons have a cluster of 5 barrels that rotate, chambered for 37mm (1.5″) shells. For more information on the design and history, see my full video:


  1. I remember watching some “B” movie when I was a lad – I think maybe in some kind of “steampunk” setting – that featured a vehicle that fired a multi-barrelled cannon, and I’d kind of mocked it because “that’s not how Gatling guns work”. Apparently, though, someone in their prop department knew that, and was either using, or trying to replicate, a Hotchkiss gun.

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