1. Ian narrating a story written in Ian’s book, from Ian’s house, near Ian’s chimney.
    Chapter 1 : the Chassepot.

    Disclaimer : the Scotch may not be Ian’s own production

  2. Very nice! I received my signed kickstarter copy just last week and, and you have said Ian, it is absolutely gorgeous! The photos are remarkable and the information is very detailed. Now all you have to do is keep adding more recorded stories and we can have the print AND video edition! 🙂 Very well worth the wait. Great work!

  3. I hope the Lavagulin was more authentic than the fire.

    Although… I do prefer a Speyside over any of the Islay malts. I’ve never seen the attraction of sucking iodine through a mouthful of horehound rock candy.

    My genes are so thoroughly Scottish that I buy Speyburn (which is damn good and damn cheap for a single malt).

  4. I’m currently experimenting with Japanese whiskey. I had heard good things about the startling rise in quality, and that they won a major prize not long ago.

    On the recommendation of the buyer at my local liquor store, and because it was on sale, I bought some Suntory “Toki”, which was described as being like a “younger Oban”. Quite mild, and not bad at all.

    Alas, I don’t have a fireplace or Ian’s book to go with it, since my copy comes after all the kickstarter deliveries. I suppose I could put the fireplace chanel on the TV, which would be actually slightly more authentic than Ian’s.

    Waiting (im)patiently for the book to arrive, but alas, my quest for a MAS-36 to go with it is likely to be thwarted by the likely cancellation of the big regional gun show.

  5. Any chance of an audiobook in the future? I listen to audiobooks all day long at work Halibut fishing, but I rarely get the time to sit down and read a whole book. That being said I think I’ll place an order on this book.

  6. That’s fantastic! I just got my autographed Kickstarter copy last week, and it’s just wonderful, as you mentioned, Ian! The photographs are stunning, and the information is really thorough.

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