Russian PP2000 manual

Thanks to our friend Hrachya, to day we have a manual for the Russian PP2000 submachine gun.  The PP2000 is a very recent development, and has been in use with the Russian Ministry of the Interior.

Mechanically, it is a simple blowback design, chambered for the 9x19mm cartridge. It is made to be very light and compact, to compete with designs like the FN P90 and HK MP7. The weapon body is polymer, and it uses a grip design similar to the P90.

PP2000 diagram

The PP2000 can be used with a detachable folding buttstock, or it can actually carry a spare 44-round magazine locked into the rear of the receiver, functioning as a crude stock. The front grip is designed to hold a detachable flashlight, allowing a decent degree of flexibility to the gun.

You can download the manual (in Russian) here:

PP2000 manual


  1. Not a really very impressive model,
    I believe MP7A1 is more compact and better made smg ever,as for this model I surprised thats russians for first time used polymer materials,most of their firearms consist out of metall such as frames and recievers or correct term bolt or barrel housing..

  2. Chauchat,
    yeah old French forgottened machine gun…
    Most interesting specimen is Hotchkiss folding submachine gun,an cutaway view would be very interesting but if manual available more better..
    i only have schematic how it looks like when folded but in unfolded view not available so far..

    Another interesting models is breda series machine guns…

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