RIA May 2014 Prices

Some folks requested that I post the hammer prices of the guns we looked at in the May 2014 Rock Island auction last week. Well, they have the prices posted now (including the buyer’s premium), so here you go:

Umbrella gun: $3,738

Montreal Home Guard Savage 99 – $6,900

Schwarzlose 1898 – $28,750

Pedersen Self-Loader – no price listed (not sure why)

Blake repeater – $4,313

PTRS – $4,313

In other news, I am in Seattle for most of this week, giving two presentations to the annual meeting of the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners (AFTE). These are the crime lab folks who do things like match fired bullet to specific firearms, and I am very excited and a bit nervous to be standing up in front of them to teach – wish me luck! This afternoon is a class on proof marks and identification, and Tuesday will be one on the history, development, and practical considerations of magazines and clips. If I can wrangle video footage, I will post both presentations up on YouTube when I get back. In the meantime, here are the two parts of the promo video we made for the classes…

(yeah, I meant 86, not 88/90)


  1. Gook luck for the presentations, Ian! I have no doubt your expertise on the subjects of your classes is more than up to the standards of the forensics people and other experts there.

  2. Nice fez… What’s the magazine with two rounds one behind the other off, out of Indies pocket? Blanks eh, who knew.

  3. If you got a satellite dish “t.v one, off the side of a house” then lined it’s concave “dish” with like… Tin foil, then put a mirror were the “thing on prongs, that faces back a dish is” the signal receiver presumably… Aye that, then drilled a hole in the middle of the mirrored concave dish so the light collected by the dish now, would be reflected by the mirror in front of it down the new hole… Then you connect a hose pipe behind the new hole, which again was lined with something reflective… Would the light pop out from the end of the hose pipe, say it was in a reel?

    If so, if you had a straight tube instead of a hose pipe and scaled the entire thing up somewhat would a triangular solar panel arrangement running inside the tube collect the light passing through it or not??

  4. I want to put a RED Flag up on the Bronzecannons auction site I Think { have seen it before quite a while ago and there were problems with It. I don’t remember what The problems were but stay clear until YOU check it out. I am sorry If I am wrong but check well before bidding or sending money Bob

    • And where’s the rest of my post?!? iPhone keyboard, way too small…

      Anyway – how did the S&W revolver turn into a semi automatic pistol? Deleted scenes? Or just -well, continuity…

  5. Good luck with your presentation, Ian! Loved the videos, especially the revolver/automatic switcheroo.

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