Researcher Profile: Miles Vining and Silah Report

Today I am chatting with Miles Vining, co-creator of Silah Report, a blog and intelligence network researching firearms in MENA – the Middle East and North Africa. Miles and his colleagues have created an organization that both understands the languages and customs of this region, but also are serious “gun guys”, able to recognize and speak on technical matters relating to firearms. Miles’ work has appeared in Small Arms Review, Small Arms Defense Journal, TFB, RECOIL, Armament Research Services, and more.

Check out the Silah Report through your choice of platforms:


Khyber Armoury on YouTube is also a Silah Report contributor.


  1. Former combat Marine, living his passion–good catch!
    I hope Ian and Miles can do some deep-dive collaborations. Hey, get him to some InRange matches!!

  2. As with Ian Miles’s passion shows in what he’s doing. I always look forward to reading his articles and watching his videos on TFB.

  3. Blog names “Baby Browning” as “Model 1906″… Crowning it all with photo… Young eyes see better. l am really getting old.

  4. I saw some Miles’ videos from strange places, but so far he is returning with healthy skin. Stay safe mate!

  5. The content was so good I ignored the really poor sound quality. I don’t usually complain about sound or picture quality, I just stop watching’ but I trust forgotten weapons, and there were enough mumbled hints at good stuff in the first minute to tell me that watching to the end would be rewarding.

  6. It always surprises me that expensive legacy media doesn’t consult with experts like FW or Silah when writing their anti gun articles. You’d think that their desire to not make ignorant factual errors would defeat their disgust for icky gun knowledgeable people.

    • The vast majority simply don’t care. They simply want get guns out of the public’s hands, and facts contracict their narrative

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