Reiger Model 1889: Quick-Change Revolver Clips!

Edwin Reiger was an Austrian designer who took the basic mechanism of the Passler & Seidl ring trigger manual pistol and added a sort of revolver magazine to it. Reiger used a drop-in 6-round clip very similar to the Blake rifle clip. Only two examples of these pistols are known to survive, and this one has a very striking brass frame. Very cool!


  1. Dear Ian,

    I have got an impression that while our (quite miserable) pistols are over-represented, our (not that bad) rifles are close-to-absent here.

    A kurva életbe!

    Bring us a decent Mannlicher one day!

  2. Has anyone found a contemporary (French?) military trial report on any of these manual repeater things, or even a civilian review?

    I can’t imagine that anyone alive has shot one.

    I do imagine that they were pretty terrible compared even to a fairly average 1880s revolver, let alone a S&W Model 3 or a Webley WG.

    Be nice to have confirmation, though.

  3. Rotary clip concepts like this all have one big disadvantage: the clips are not inherently “disposable.” I could be wrong.

  4. This is Rieger 1889 pistol, not Reiger. It´s inventor is Erwin Rieger, see the german patentes nr. 43 532 and 49 195.

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