For anyone who may be interested, I’ve done a couple more podcasts in recent days.

Karl and I both were on the most recent Gun Nation show, talking about the modernized FG-42 we have been tinkering with – you can listen to that episode here.

I also was on The Survival Podcast this past week, talking about affordable surplus options – that episode is here (my segment begins at about the 13-minute mark).


  1. I can remember my dad telling me that in the post WWII period(he was born in 1953) that Japanese products really were junk, my grandfather who was a marine officer(he was stationed on Okinawa and traveled to Japan a few times) would bring home toys, flashlights and other goods back from Japan for him and his brother, and said that within a week they all would break, or stop working. Then he said that all of a sudden around the 70s Japanese manufactured goods became some of the highest quality stuff out there. I don’t know if that would explain the stigma you talked about, but I thought I would share that.

  2. Look like two SVT-40 rifles there, boss. 2nd soldier from the left has one slung and look like the soldier on the right, holding his helmet by the chin strap, has one slung too.

  3. Being from the southern most state I resent you saying ah.. stuff about… um… you know… the stuff you said about…

    Um… Yeah. That stuff.

  4. I liked that podcast. The host mentioned having a bolt action 16 ga.

    A few weeks ago I picked up a 16 ga bolt action Mauser. One of those odd and forgotten guns. A surplus 98 converted to a shotgun in Germany after WW1.

  5. Listening to survival podcast I was very jealous of the Schmidt- Rubin prices quoted by Ian. Here in Australia I’ve seen them advertised for $875 for the 1911 and $925 for k31. I suggest you folks in the US don’t overlook the good value of such an acquisition and buy one while you can!

  6. G’day Ian,
    Great podcasts…really enjoyed them.
    Any chance of you doing a video/podcast on the .310 BSA Martini Cadet single shotshells rifle issued to the Commonwealth Military Force (C.M.F) in 1911
    I’ve found a nice example with good bore thats I’m re blueing and Tru Oiling to be a shooter and not a safe queen.

  7. Sorry prev message…. my bad….meant SINGLE SHOT rifle not shotshell….
    bloody predictive spell…!

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