Patreon Update and New Perks

Patreon is what makes this channel possible, and I am greatly indebted to everyone who helps to support my work. I have added a selection of new perks for supporters:

$1: Invites to face-to-face meetups
$2: Submit questions for monthly Q&A
$5: Join the Discord server discussion
$10: Invites to monthly live Google Hangouts
$20: Early access to videos
$100: You tell me what gun to film!

Not a Patreon supporter of Forgotten Weapons? Perhaps one of these is what you have been waiting for!




  1. I like it. I have been planning to support your very interesting website for some time (money is a little tight right now but that will change soon) and these are some interesting incentives, above and beyond the fact that this is just a great website.

    Best of luck and keep up the good work


  2. our credit cards don’t work overseas, and in my country money are rare like forgotten weapons…Anyway, i do like the show !

  3. Ian,

    I fear that Patreon is unreliable in the long term. They seem to be falling into the same politically motivated censorship practices that infected youtube.

    You might want to consider a fallback plan, just in case.

    • Nothing is totally reliable in the long term, and I believe the current kerfuffle on Patreon does not fundamentally threaten its existence. That said, I always try to have some backup options and plans, so don’t worry.

      • Perhaps living in Commiefornia makes me overly paranoid. Isn’t it interesting that the Patreon ban-hammer process spells out the acronym, MOB?

        Keep up the good work, and watch your six!

      • Howdy Fogotten weapons(spokesman Iain(?))
        (Please forgive my horrid spelling?)
        Thx a bunch for your exerbs & extensive knowledge on small arms!
        Have a strange small arm made by W.R.A.!
        It is a RIFLE M14,7.62 that has been “de-full-autoed”(?)
        Interested in possibly parting with this piece!? If you have any interest feel free to “shoot me a text message”!(?) Would be glad to send a few pics of “the old girl”!
        (W/serial #1,2**,*** thinking it was made around 1964,5,6!?)
        My cell # is 819-459-0848
        One of your many humble observers of “Forgotten Weapons”
        Thx for your time!!

    • Ian’s content is very apolitical, so I doubt Patreon would do anything about it. Patreon is very different from Youtube in the sense that all support is direct and not dependant on advertisers. Even YouTube didn’t actually ban gun content channels, they just demonetized the small ones and made the rest more difficult to find for new viewers. I suppose that can be called a form of censorship, but on the other hand Youtube still hosts a lot of channels for free, while they also make no money from hosting them.

  4. Kids no Happy Meals for you this week– Daddy needs his “Forgotten Weapons” fix.

    Ian, your show is literally the most well done show on the net. Every post never fails to be fascinating. Thank you for your contribution to history!

  5. How about a us mail address even one of those post box shop ones. That way us europeans could stick some euroes/pounds in an envolope

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